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After cleaning up, the little girl dragged the huge bag around. Shen Qinghe also has to clean up some zombies, and by the way, there is nothing to go back. The end of the world has just come, feeling that the city has been rapidly declining, eyeful, looking at fear. There were basically no living people coming and going on the street, and it was not easy to see two living people running around in panic. Two people walk in the surrounding shops, the little girl in Shen Qinghe's education, holding an iron bar, Shen Qinghe found an iron pipe next door. Still dragging the bag behind her, Shen Qinghe did not persuade her to put it down and take home something to survive. What did he persuade her to do? Big brother, when are we going back? The little girl followed the fish in troubled waters to touch a lot of good things, and the bag could not hold them. Wait a minute, see the one in front of you. It sells top ingredients. There are a lot of dry goods. Collect more. It can be used later. "All right." A person who relies on others to go home does not dare to object. The little girl is actually very bold, that is, she was frightened at the beginning, and then listened to Shen Qinghe's words, after she killed a zombie, she was not so afraid. Indeed, now the zombie action is very slow, walking is also very slow, hand injury can not cut off the head, first cut off the hand. It's much better to cut off two hands. Approaching the food store, behind a stench and the sound of breaking through the air, Shen Qinghe quickly turned around,Inflatable indoor park, the knife in his hand cut a zombie dog flying down from a high altitude, half of the body was cut off, "bang" fell to the ground. A black cat with half of its eyes falling out, its body becoming bigger and its whole body emitting a stench. Deng Manling, a little girl, was frightened by the sudden zombie cat and kept waving the iron bar in her hand, even the big bag she had always cared about was thrown aside. Before encountering more powerful zombies or zombie animals and plants, Shen Qinghe did not intend to use more magic, he wanted to exercise his force value more. In the food store, two people wantonly scrape,Inflatable water park factory, as long as it is dry goods, all taken away, and fresh also did not take less, the shop's large plastic bags, filled with many bags. Loading things, he is still considering whether to go back later and take the whole family out to fight monsters. Finally think about it, or have to wait a few days, he is a high school physical education teacher, have the strength, but also know some kungfu, can be said in the past. The young and old in the family all understand, it is a bit unreasonable, wait a few days to come out, can be said to be the result of his assault training in recent days. It can't make people feel like his family is really prepared for the end. On the way back, until she reached the gate of the community, Deng Manling reacted, "Big Brother, are you also the owner of Bosch Community?" "Yes, Inflatable outdoor park ,Inflatable mechanical bull, which building is your home in?" "Villa five, number eight." "Oh, coincidence, the building behind my house.". I'll take you back. If your parents are all right, they must be worried about you. "I guess I didn't wake up, or my dad would have come to me." "Well, it's possible." Under the envious eyes of the security guards, they dragged the supplies home with difficulty until they saw the little girl enter the house and waved to him upstairs, and then Shen Qinghe left. Back home, Shen Qinghe put his idea to the family, no matter whether the little cutie can understand or not, Shen Qinghe has already decided to let the children participate in everything at home in the doomsday world, so that the children can grow up with the end of the world. It's not for her own good to be a greenhouse flower in the hurricane and rainstorm, but to harm her. Although it is cruel, it can help children quickly understand the cruelty and danger of the world. After the end of the terrible is not only zombies, mutated animals and plants, the most terrible is the heart, the heart of the superior and the people around, who do not know when will be deceived, lost their lives. Zombie, Shen Qinghe is not afraid, only afraid of this unpredictable heart. He is not a person with a deep mind, and he can't play with those who are professional. Reach out and hold the little cutie in his arms, hoping that her father's love will make her more warm and more aware of the world that has collapsed. You think well, we really can't go out to kill zombies in the last few days, or people should suspect our family. It's time for you to go to work. How can you buy a house in the provincial capital and not go back to work after settling down? We three show different strength from ordinary people again. It's really unreasonable. The old man's door is clear, clattering the smoke in his mouth, and his heart is sad. How can the world really change. In the past, my son did not say that he had become like this, but only said that there was a big change. He stood on the third floor with binoculars, looking at the alley side of another area, a lot of zombies wandering, alley is also, and zombies eat people. The blood is stinging, and it scares people to death. He endured his son's instructions, let the little granddaughter see, no way, the world has been like this, the child has to learn to accept. Their own little darling is not the same, but also scared to cry at first, and then slowly a lot better, after sobbing for a while, it is not the same. Villa area five, number eight, Deng's house. More than an hour after Deng Manling returned home, Deng's parents woke up one after another, not knowing what had happened. Listening to what my daughter said, I still don't believe it. I just went up to the third floor of the half floor and looked at the alley and the neighborhood across the alley. I could see the human-shaped monster eating people faintly. I couldn't see it clearly, but I could feel it. Deng's parents were so scared that they vomited. Deng Manling could not take care of her parents. She received water at home. The water from the tap was yellow and could not be used any more. It was estimated that she could flush the toilet. She used the basin that used to bathe her nephew at home to collect water, leaving two basins at home that could not collect water, and she had to use them later, and the rest desperately collected water. It's nice to be able to flush the toilet, at least the bathroom doesn't stink because there's no water. After a long time, Deng's father and mother came down from the third floor of the half-floor with their calves trembling. "Daughter, what's the matter?" Deng Mu's voice still has a trill. She was worried that her son, a family of three, still lived in another community, and did not know whether he was a man or a monster. Dad,Inflatable outdoor park, mom, it's the end of the world, and our neighborhood is better than other neighborhoods. There are no zombies in the public area of the community. I'll go to find my brother later. 。 joyshineinflatables.com  

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