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"Whatever," Meng Yuran stared at the lamp and answered at random. Lin Miao actually did not have the mind to eat, but thought that Mengmeng still needed them to take care of him, so he could only replenish his physical strength. She went to the hospital gate to buy some bread and drinks, and when she came back, she saw a rich old lady sitting beside Meng Yuran. Aunt Zhang, "Lin Miao took a bottle of water and sent it over.". Zhang Man took it over and saw that Lin Miao was in a mess. He said apologetically, "It's all Mengmeng's nonsense. Did he scare you just now?" "Not bad," Lin Miao said with a smile. "Mengmeng is very strong. She doesn't make trouble even if it hurts. She goes all the way to the hospital." Zhang Man nodded, "this child's nonsense is nonsense, but in big things, he is quite calm." Turn around, backhand is a slap, "unlike this smelly boy, the key time is hemp claws, nothing can help." Zhang Man's strength was not light, and Meng Yuran bared his teeth in pain. Lin Miao smiled. As a mother-in-law, it is enough to protect her shortcomings. She took out the bottle and handed over the others. Have some. "I can't eat," Meng Yuran sighed. " Even if you can't eat, you have to eat, "Zhang Man said ferociously." Why don't you let us two women move the bed when Mengmeng comes back later? Meng Yuran was afraid of his mother, even if he had no appetite, he had to open the bag and bite the bread hard. Lin Miao smiled and unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip. Nearly two hours later,Kava Root Extract, there was a loud cry from the delivery room. "Meng Yuran jumped up from his seat and lay down at the door of the delivery room." Why haven't you come out yet? "The glass of the delivery room is reflective, and you can't see the inside at all from the outside. Wu Qing, who has been calm and steady since he came here, anxiously stood on tiptoe and looked around.". Finally, there was movement in the delivery room. Soon, Qian Mengmeng with a tired face was pushed out. Behind her, the nurse held the newborn baby in her arms and saw Meng Yuran's mother and son, smiling and congratulating. It's a boy, very lively. As he spoke,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, the baby was still stretching his legs and moving. Oh, my good grandson. "Zhang Man leaned over with a loving face and teased with spoiling.". Meng Yuran ran to Qian Mengmeng and saw her resting with her eyes closed before turning to the doctor who was taking off her mask. How's my wife? "Still calculate smooth," the doctor says: "The patient is young, want to maintain carefully only, passed a few days to be all right. "That's good." Knowing that both mother and son were all right, Meng Yuran relaxed completely. He lowered his head and smiled at Qian Mengmeng. His feet softened and he fainted. Meng Yuran, "Lin Miao reacted the fastest, rushed over with an arrow and grabbed him.". Do not want Meng Yuran too heavy, but also bring her down. Doctors and nurses hurried over and lifted them up. Qian Mengmeng was awakened and asked what was wrong. Nothing, you go to the ward first, we will come right away. "Zhang Man blocked Qian Mengmeng's line of sight, coaxing softly.". Qian Mengmeng showed almost all her physical strength, and that movement was all her strength. The nurse backed her away. Hurry up, your wife left, "Zhang Man kicked Meng Yuran, even fainted, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, it is too unpromising.". Meng Yuran struggled to get up and looked at Lin Miao with embarrassment. Lin Miao pretended not to notice and hurried after Qian Mengmeng. Qian Mengmeng had fallen into a coma by now. Lin Miao had seen it, said hello to Zhang Man, and then left. Zhang Man looked at her back and nodded, "Xiao Lin is really a good girl." Meng Yuran nodded in agreement. You still have the face to nod, in vain you or Meng's boss, even a little girl is not as good as, "Zhang Man a face of disgust." Mom, can that be the same? Meng Yuran is very unconvinced. It's his wife who's having the baby. Of course he's nervous. On the escalator, Lin Miao's heart was empty. Back in the dormitory, she packed her bags without stopping. In the past two years, she has hardly bought any clothes. Brought earlier, although not broken, but most of them are also worn out. After tidying up, she went downstairs with her small clothes in her arms. There is a donation box in the housekeeper's aunt. She stuffed all her clothes in and went downstairs with a small suitcase. Have you finished moving? The housekeeper poked her head out of the small window. Lin Miao nodded, "Auntie, I'm leaving." "Good," the housekeeper nodded with a smile and shrank back. Lin Miao looked up and down the stairs for several years, pressed down the trace of reluctance, and turned to leave. When she got on the bus, she sat by the window. Outside the window is the tree-lined road of the university, many young men and women who choose not to go home during the summer vacation walk side by side, some with snacks in their hands, you eat one mouthful at a time. Looking at their carefree little faces, Lin Miao thought of himself. At that time, her eyes were full of Luo Yan, and she even fantasized about how she would live with him after graduation. But do not want to, just a few months, she and he will break up. After all, it's just a game of deep love. Chapter 174 I robbed your boyfriend? The bus was very fast, and it took less than half an hour to get near Lin Miao's rental house. After getting out of the car, Lin Miao exhaled gently. From today on, she will forget the past and start her new life. Back to the rental house, packed things, Lin Miao went out shopping. A few days ago, she bought some necessities of life, and then bought some oil, salt, sauce and vinegar. Carrying two big bags, I went back to the rental house. After tidying up, it was dark. After eating a bowl of simple Yangchun noodles, Lin Miao went to sleep. The next morning, she rushed to the hospital. As soon as she entered her own department, nurse Zhang followed her. Doctor Lin, have you heard that there is a new returnee in our hospital? It is said that he has a master's degree. "Really," Lin Miao smiled and put his bag away and put on his gown. "Is he handsome?" "Do you think he is handsome, woman?" Nurse Zhang curled her lips. Also really enough, very easy to have a high gold content, the result is the same sex. How can they place the girl's heart that is ready to move? Lin Miao flattened his mouth and said with a smile, "Women are also good. We are all of the same sex. Some things are easy to communicate and easy to communicate." Nurse Zhang shook her head. "Doctor Lin, you don't know anything." She looks like you are too simple, said: "The same sex repels,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, the opposite sex will attract, want to communicate, the general direction to be right." 。 pioneer-biotech.com

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