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When Sanqing was in existence, Qingweitian was the Taoist temple of yuanshi Tianzun, and Yuxu Palace was the ancestral court of Dharma Vein. There has always been a saying that "Fengtian Chengyun Royal Orthodoxy leads all directions of Wanxian Town". (From the system of Du Niang and Hong Huang Liu). Of course, there is no Sanqing now, and no one can tell where Sanqing has gone. After Yan Jun and Tao Chengsheng arrived at the Great Wilderness, they did not see these legendary big men. Other sages felt that there should be another higher and deeper place above the Great Wilderness, where the ancient legends lived. In a word, it was probably because yuanshi Tianzun was too overbearing in those years that none of the later generations dared to follow his example. They were afraid of being angry and did not settle their capital in Qingwei. Only Wangchu Tiandi had no trouble in this respect and could live if he wanted to. After Yan Juntao and Bi Geng left for Qingweitian, they went all the way to Sanyuan Palace. Sanyuan Palace was built on the site of Yuxu Palace, which can be said to be a bold thief. Yujing Jinque, Kirin Cliff. In the glow of the sky, the fairies in charge of the clouds are flying over the top of the green mountains with a posture of "slowly hanging down the rosy sleeves and rushing to the lotus steps", as if they can hear the tinkling sound of their rings and the sound of laughter and anger. Tianhe Dou Zhuan, Star Altar and Moon Palace, beautiful things can not be square. Luan Feng drives from the sky, leaving a beautiful arc track. Wangchu Tiandi did not stand at the door to greet him, because he knew very well that every time he was picked up, his mood was not particularly beautiful. Even though he knew that there was already a brother who was doomed not to speak around him, he carefully decided to wait for his temper to go down before he appeared. Sanyuan Palace's Demon House is similar to that of Xiao Luotian. He is also an old man with a white beard,gold shaking table, but full of energy and temperament. He bowed forward and never mentioned the matter of leaving, but welcomed the Queen of Heaven home. The Taoist companion of the Emperor of Heaven is naturally the Queen of Heaven. In Yan Juntao's era, this appellation has been reformed, and the male Taoist couple is no longer called "Queen of Heaven", but unfortunately, this is still the case in the era when he stopped writing. Wang Tianhou, like the twelve times he had run away before,gold cil machine, his gloomy face became more uncomfortable under the contrast of the clear sky. However, the old demon fairy was very resourceful. First, in the name of "Unfortunately, Your Majesty has something to do, and can't come to see Her Highness the Queen of Heaven for the time being", he eased the resistance of the pen. Then, he put out the banner of "Why don't you take this time to take Your Highness Yan around Qingwei" to divert the attention of the pen. At the thought of the little cutie, the pen really cooperated a lot. He raised his eyebrows and said in a pretended casual tone, "Your Highness Yan?"? Just use your last name? "It's even more inappropriate to call him Your Highness Juntao." The curtilage old does not doubt has him, the answer is very helpless. In fact, he had hesitated before, how to call Yan Juntao. He only knew the name of Yan Juntao from Emperor Wangchu, but he did not know the name or title of Yan Juntao. In the end, Portable gold trommel ,gold heap leaching, he could only decide to call his Highness Yan. Then it's your Highness Yan. The pen stopped working like this. Turning his face and waiting for the house to leave, he immediately said happily to Yan Juntao, "Are you called Yan Juntao?" Yan Juntao nodded, finally able to get rid of the name "stop." So, is Wangchu Emperor really your brother? Yan Juntao, however, felt that it was more likely that the Emperor of Chu was Gou Chen, and as to why he said he was his younger brother, um. Yan Juntao silently looked at the pen beside him, probably love me, love my dog. Many questions are now clear, and the only thing left is how Gou Chen suddenly fell in love with writing and how they would go back. Forget it. Don't think about it. I'll take you to visit Qingweitian. I stopped writing and soon got over it. The elder brother did not affect the younger brother's loveliness. And maybe with the younger brother's plea, the elder brother would be willing to let him go. "Have you ever visited Qingweitian in your time?" Yan Juntao shook his head truthfully. As a result, he became more energetic and actively introduced Qingweitian to Yan Juntao. Qing Weitian is very big, as if there is no boundary, the total area is the sum of eight days. It is impossible to give Yan Juntao all the introductions at once. In fact, he himself has not finished the whole Qingweitian tour. He just introduced a few famous places he knew to Yan Juntao, and by the way, he matched a few original stories. Yan Juntao wrote down these stories with his heart, and when he was ready to return to his time, he took these stories as his "posthumous works" and gave them to the wordless Heavenly Book. In ancient times, Yan Juntao did not want to write his last work. As soon as the idea came up, Yan Juntao himself laughed, and he felt a little silly. How could he know what his last work was when he had not yet come to the Great Wilderness? The most important thing is that even if he knew about it, he couldn't write it. The last life of writing was completed in the Great Wilderness. Yan Juntao gave up this idea, but he thought of something else. For example, he could let Bi Geng stop writing an original short story at random, and ask Bi Geng stop not to leave the manuscript, and then he could take the short story back to the future. Unfortunately, Yan Juntao did not have time to find the right time to ask for the pen to quit, and he and the pen to quit were separated. Now I met this 800-year-old writer who had not yet started writing, and Yan Juntao could not even speak clearly, so he did not want to make any requests. So, procrastination kills people! Don't put off until the last day what you can finish on the first day. Some variables can't be controlled. Fortunately, in this period, although the brushwork is a little immature, but there are still some brain holes, humorous, clear thinking, with his original tour guide passages can also be dealt with. Now they are going to the Kirin Cliff, which is said to be the first Kirin in the world, and now it has been fully used by the Emperor of Heaven to raise mounts. Phoenix, dragon and unicorn,Portable gold trommel, as well as various other immortals, are like a large wildlife park. Yan Juntao is more sure that the Emperor of Chu is Gou Chen, because probably only Gou Chen would have such great malice towards the dragon and phoenix and humiliate them in this way. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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