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She took a small sip, and then looked at the big cousin with surprise on her face. It's actually brown sugar water. Did cousin take the wrong medicine? Why else would you suddenly be smart and thoughtful. Recalling that she had ignored him these days, Qiao Xi felt guilty again in her heart. Fortunately, this feeling of guilt soon passed away. Because just as Qiao Xi, full of guilt, took out a tissue from his pocket and tried to wipe the sweat of his cousin, who had been pedaling his bicycle for an hour, the latter burst out laughing. Qiao Xi had a bad feeling in her heart. But before she could shut her cousin up, he pointed at her finger and used his life's language skills to make a metaphor: "Radish." In fact, a few days ago, when Qiao Xi was chasing the naughty Bambi at home, she accidentally got caught in the door. The swelling had disappeared a little in the past few days, but just now the cold wind blew all the way, and her fingers became red and swollen again. Qiao Xi was so angry on the spot that he slapped the young monk three times with five carrots. But the crying bag, as always, has no strength, Mingyi perfunctorily accepted, and then held her hand over, "show me." The author has something to say: So what? Let's go to the satellite to search for the public of "the author of Iron Fan Childe". Chapter 52 Reluctantly, Josie gave him her hand. Ming Yi looked at the five carrots for a while,collapsible bulk containers, then wrapped them in his palm and rubbed them for a while, then picked them up and put them to his mouth to breathe hot air. Qiaoxi was so tickled that she tried to pull her hand back, only to be held more firmly. Qiao Xi is angry hum: "I am not cold, you are foolish." Mingyi held her hand and retorted with a serious face: "You are silly." “…… You're the fool. The two men had such a nutritious conversation for five minutes in the same place. Finally, Ming Yi opened his mouth and said, "Are you finally willing to talk to me?" Qiao Xi stopped talking. Ming Yi holding Qiao Xi's hand, two people all the way forward,ibc spill containment pallet, the music sounded, the flag-raising ceremony is about to begin. It's just that people are really magnificent. Mingyi is tall, but he can see the flag-raising platform effortlessly, but the crying bag next to him has been struggling to stand on tiptoe. After thinking about it, Ming Yi put his climbing bag on the ground, then half bent down and motioned to Qiao Xi to come up, "I'll carry you on my back." Qiao Xi hesitated, "won't you block the people behind you?" Ming Yi frowned: "Why do you care about other people?"? Can they see if I don't carry you? Big cousin, he. Even if there is no quality, it is reasonable that there is no good quality. Convinced, Qiaoxi quickly climbed onto his back. The crowd surged, two people were crowded to shake, Qiao Xi could not help hugging the big cousin's neck. "I'm going to America next month," said Mingyi silently. So soon? Qiao Xi was a little surprised, plastic pallet bins ,ibc spill pallet, but he didn't show it. About the attitude of the crying bag to him recently, in fact, Mingyi is very clear in her heart, because she has a knot in her heart. Aster said to him, "In Sister Qiao's heart, the relationship between our family and her is the relationship between giving and being given." Ming Yi immediately interrupted: "No." Aster is very helpless: "You don't think so, but she will." He wanted to openly fall in love with Josie, which was like putting her on fire. This society is never fair to girls. The same two people in puppy love, the boy is misguided, the girl is deliberately seduced. What's more, he and Qiao Xi's family are so different. Even if he has been clinging to each other all the time, others will not think so. What if Zhu Xinyin shows his attitude? Qiao Xi will still be cranky. Ming Yi knew that he was too self-righteous before. After thinking about it, he opened his mouth again and said, "Actually, you know, my parents don't object." "However," Ming Yi looked ahead, although he could not see, but he knew that the crying bag was listening, "if you do not want to, then I will wait for you again." After thinking about it, Mingyi found that what he said was really without dignity. After a pause for a few seconds, he hurried back to make up for it: "I'm just being polite." You have to think quickly. I won't wait for you for long. ___ In July, Ming Yi embarked on an international flight to Boston to study in the United States. Half a month later, Qiao Xi also flew to Toronto with the Chinese team to compete with competitors from all over the world for the IMO. It is not too unexpected that China's Mathematical Olympiad has always been very good in the international arena. Even though it has declined in recent years, it still has absolute dominance. In short, the IMO competition is far less intense than the selection of the Chinese national team. At the end of the two-day exam, Qiao Xi estimated 30 points for herself, and the gold medal should be stable. Sure enough, after the results came out, the Chinese national team had five gold medals and one silver medal, and the team ranked second. It was Lu Yang who won the silver medal-in fact, she was only one point short of the gold medal line, but she was very satisfied with it. Having never updated her circle of friends, she posted a status for the first time that day- "Finally, she has seen the world." This year, without the participation of the big devil, there are many gold medals, which are still divided according to the proportion of students participating in the competition, but there is no gold medal with full marks. Jiang Yiwei did not do half of the questions, so he failed to get the full score gold medal that he was thinking about. "I was almost able to defeat Ming Yi!" He said angrily. Qiao Xi, who has always been gentle, could not help reminding Wei Shen at the moment, and his tone was quite unsparing: "Ming Yi can get 42 points because the full score is only 42 points." Wei Shen scored 39 points, but it does not mean that the gap between him and his cousin is only 3 points. After hearing this,plastic pallet crates, Jiang Yiwei couldn't help flicking Qiao Xi's forehead. "You really protect him." Qiao Xi smiled sheepishly. After thinking about it, Jiang Yiwei asked again: "After going back, do you also want to apply for American universities?" Qiao Xi shook his head. "I haven't decided yet." Ming Yi applied for early graduation and went abroad at the end of his second year of high school. binpallet.com

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