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Rang Yu frowned and did not like him to call her that. Indeed, I haven't seen him for a long time. I haven't seen him since Emperor Dahang moved out of the Forbidden City. He is now sitting on the top of the eunuch's chair, which is very different from the past. When people climb high, their hearts must be bigger than before. I don't know how much love is left in the past. Lu Zhangyin is busy. I am the concubine of the late emperor. I dare not work for you if I have anything to do. I happen to meet you today. Let's talk about it before we go. With an ordinary face, she turned her head and told the attendant maid, "It's a little cold. Bring me the orchid cloak." The little maid of honor should have gone back to Shou'an Palace. There were only two of them left in the palace. She looked at him in a resentful tone. "You're so busy that no one can see you. You don't miss me at all?" After all, people were coming and going in this Buddhist temple, and it was not good for them to fall into the eyes of others. He took her hand into the back of the warm pavilion and bolted the door. She played her temper and turned her back to him in a fit of pique. He smiled, hugged her and kissed her gently on her earlobe. "Annoyed?"? I told you the other day that when the new emperor ascended the throne, many things in the palace had to be rectified, and that Cheng Zi could not see him, and you also agreed. "But I just can't help it," she said, circling his waist. "I miss you when I go to sleep at night, and you're so busy that you put me on my heels. "Or are there other concubines in the palace who have made you take a fancy to them? Have you forgotten me since you were with someone else?" "Silly words!" He pulled down his face and looked unhappy. "What kind of person am I? Don't you believe me?"? Now I just worship palm print, before Tan Rui's hands have to take over the personnel, multifarious, where so easy to deal with! Moreover, several imperial concubines and concubines lived in the same palace, and many people had to avoid it. I want you to wait, wait for me to settle down, and then move you out alone, so that we can have a long time. Let jade listen to immediately no anger, look at his face, overcast, no sun. She had seen his appearance when he faced Song Yin, with tenderness and soft eyes like spring water, but for her, after all, he was three points behind. She knew in her heart that he was taking her to make up for the lack of silver, and that little Tong could not afford to climb up, so he had to come to see her, the toffee,warehousing storage solutions, as a consolation. Is she willing to be a substitute? Who let her see him for the first time. She didn't like the emperor, but she couldn't get into the palace without the emperor's top jar, so she missed him. The young Chamberlain beside the emperor was in line with her yearning for love. Strange that he was just a eunuch, knowing that he was disabled, she plunged in and had the cheek to pester him. In the end, he couldn't get rid of it and finally gave in, which was the greatest victory of her life. Even if she loved him, she still loved him even if he was wronged. Even if he loved Song Yin, she believed that one day he would really fall in love with her. Her voice was soft. "I seem to be wrong about you. Are you angry?" She raised her face, and Song Yin's eyebrows and eyes, which were vaguely similar, gradually calmed him down. He took her in his arms and stroked her with one hand. "I know your heart. Am I different from you?"? But you have to change your quick temper. This is a place where people eat people. You have to be calm. Otherwise, if you take a wrong step, you will end up dead. We are not in a hurry. The years are still long. This meeting will be well prepared, and there will be no worries in the future. If you really miss me, send someone to send a message, and when the time comes, industrial racking systems ,industrial racking systems, we'll meet at the right place. Let the jade be touched by him panting, you lead me to trip, both fell on the side of the warm Kang. She stretched out her hand and pulled down half of the bed curtain, and the thick velvet blocked the light outside, as if she had fallen into a beautiful dream and did not want to wake up. Undid the gold button on his collar, put his hands on his neck, closed his eyes, and felt his gentle lips fall on her heart. Think of two bedtime, simply can not bear to look back, and love people together, even if there is no real perfect, skin close to the skin, but also let her feel at ease. But he was always very self-abased, "I can't live with you." She kissed him and said, "Don't say, I have no shortcomings.". I entered the palace for you. I don't want anything. As long as you understand my heart, it's enough. So he has an inescapable responsibility for her, even if he doesn't like her very much, because of her sincerity, and Song Yin. He must bear it. He never dreamed that a eunuch could win the love of a woman regardless of his future. Tong sisters are people who dare to love and hate, so even if they can only look up to Song Yin, within the scope of his ability, not to make jade lonely, is the only thing he can repay their sisters. The emperor also knew about him and Rang Yu, and he didn't hide it from him. Only that time the late emperor used pregnancy as an excuse to carry the Tong family. He was worried that Prince Yu would be bad for the Tong family, so he didn't report the truth back, so Rong Shi's truth was suspected. Prince Yu gave him a secret order to deal with the trouble. So from pregnancy to miscarriage, it was a matter of lip service, and it was solved. Now she was a concubine of the late emperor. At best, she was half a sister-in-law. At worst, she was a widow without any value. As the hero of the emperor, as long as it was harmless, it was nothing to eat with the toffee. It's just more or less taboo, and he doesn't have such an urgent desire that sometimes he can't remember to see her. Because I have been lonely for a long time, I have been used to it. If I really want to have more people, I will be at a loss. But her love was so obvious that he had to respond. He should cherish his good fortune. No matter how high he climbs, there is still a muddled account behind him that is not so glorious. People have condescended, so you should not pick and choose anything. Young and young, strong feelings, desire/hope accompanied by love, said do not care is to comfort him, really can not care? He can't give. There's nothing he can do. Especially at this time, when he saw her infatuated face, he wanted to run away, and his shame was indescribable. Kiss her perfunctorily, can only be perfunctory, can not do anything else. He stroked her face. "People come and go here. Be careful." Stand up and dare not look at her, ten thousand arrows through the heart. Let jade understand, also feel embarrassed for oneself not to know shame, made a noise, said: "I drank two mouthfuls of old rice wine for breakfast today, and I can't stand at my feet." This is the same as Song Yin, who is good at solving problems and finding a way out for others and himself. He smiled, reached out and pulled her up,heavy duty metal racks, and straightened her head. Remembering the emperor's decree, it was too late to help Tong Shuming, so he had to remind Song Yin. jracking.com

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