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Bei Gongwang laughed and said, "I'm limited to a hundred moves. This is for your sake.". Within a hundred strokes, you only need to win one move, the north palace from now on closed the door seal sword, of course, the commander of the imperial guards also do not do. You and your friends can go down the mountain immediately, and my men will not embarrass you! Meng yuanchao laughed and said, "Your Excellency, your bet is not small." Beigongwang went on to say, "If I beat Master Meng within a hundred strokes, Mr. Miao, I will learn your Qing Qigong again." Meng Wuchao was furious and said, "It's not too late for me to wait until you win." Bei Gongwang said lightly, "Very well, then let's ride a donkey and read the songbook." In the words of Meng yuanchao just now, tit for tat. "Don't be impatient in the face of the enemy," said Meng yuanchao to his heart. "I can't provoke him." Holding his breath, he unsheathed his sword and said, "Well, let's wait and see." "Dharma Master," said Bei Gongwang, "please keep count carefully." Slowly drew the sword out of its scabbard, only to see the sword inlaid with gold and jade,stainless steel edge trim, and the tip of the sword spat out a brilliant light. Meng yuanchao is a great connoisseur. He looks like a priceless sword. It turns out that the sword of Beigongwang is given by the emperor. The name of the sword is "Qinglong". It is one of the seven ancient swords hidden in the palace. Although what Yu yuanchao used was a precious sword, it was quite inferior to his Qinglong sword. Bei Gongwang became the commander of the imperial guards, and refused to fight with people easily. It was the first time that he used the sword given by the emperor to fight with the enemy. It can be seen that he also attached great importance to Meng yuanchao. The Taoist Xuanfeng was overjoyed and thought, "No matter how capable Meng yuanchao is, he is no better than the commander.". Green Dragon Sword unsheathed, Meng yuanchao's head must be lost! The sword spits out the green awn, the knife light reflects the snow, two people's swords face each other, such as the arrow in the string,tile profile factory, is about to be triggered, but unexpectedly beyond everyone's expectation, although they "arrow" in the string, but not "imminent." They watched with bated breath, but saw Meng yuanchao pressing the hilt with his eyes wide open. He seemed to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to everything around him. His eyes were only fixed on the tip of Beigongwang's sword. Bei Gongwang's footsteps were neither seven nor eight, and the tip of the sword pointed to Meng yuanchao's middle road, with an air of leisure. Among the others, Miao Changfeng had the most extensive knowledge of martial arts. He was surprised to see Beigongwang put up this formula. He thought to himself, "Beigongwang's sword, palm, and internal skills are all said to be excellent.". Therefore, it is known as the "three wonders". In the past, I thought it was a group of snobbish people who praised him specially, but now it seems that although the "three wonders" are exaggerated, they are really extraordinary, and I don't know how the internal skills are and how the palm skills are. But as far as this swordsmanship is concerned, aluminium edge trim ,stainless steel tile trim, it is deep and profound, which is the only thing I have ever seen in my life! As the saying goes, once an expert makes a move, he will know whether there is one or not. In fact, the real martial arts master, do not have to wait for him to make a move, just look at his eyes, footwork and the pose, already know whether he has. Originally, there are seven or eight complex changes hidden in the "virtual style" of Beigongwang. No matter which direction the opponent attacks him from, what kind of fierce attack method he uses, he can also act according to circumstances and fight back against the enemy. As soon as Meng yuanchao saw him put out this formula, he knew that he was holding the plan of "striking after the enemy has struck". Meng yuanchao stared at the tip of his sword with his eyes wide open. He was also looking for a gap to prepare for the attack. He gazed intently at the moment when there was almost half a stick of incense. He deliberated hard, but still felt that the other side was impeccable. The Taoist Xuanfeng was so upset that he said with a sneer, "a sharp knife, a sharp knife. It's a sharp word. A sharp knife doesn't dare to make a move. It's better to throw the knife away and go back to be a shrinking turtle." The words are still not finished, suddenly see the sword flash, the sword gas vertical and horizontal, fast indescribable. Xuanfeng Taoist is good at using a sharp sword, but he can't see it clearly. It was only faintly visible that the sword did not seem to intersect, but the sound of the sword trembling was already ringing in the ears. Meng yuanchao's swordsmanship was indescribably fast. Master Baoxiang was watching attentively. At first, he could keep up with his recitation in his heart, "One, two, three, four.." All of a sudden, I saw the dazzling light of the sword and the scattered flowers of the sword. I didn't know how many moves Meng yuanchao had made. However, Beigongwang's sword move was very clear, only to see that he seemed to be holding a heavy object on the tip of his sword, with a horizontal sword in his chest and a slow stroke, which made a flat and light "Hengyun Broken Peak". Although this move was uneventful and slow, it seemed rather laborious, but the buzzing sound of the tip of the sword trembled for a long time, which made everyone's ears a little uncomfortable. And as he crossed slowly, he shook up the flowers of the sword, which shone brightly through the light of the knife. When he made this move, Meng yuanchao's sharp knife chopped around him like a storm, but there was no move against him. After he finished this move, he slowly took a step back. Meng yuanchao gritted his teeth and pounced on him again. Beigongwang is still slowly moving, from "Hengyun Duanfeng" to "Longqian Jiuyuan", and the sword just swings around in front of his chest. "Hengyun Duanfeng" is on the defensive with a three-point offensive, while "Longqian Jiuyuan" is completely defensive. Bei Gongwang took another step back after this move. In this way, Meng yuanchao attacked seven times in a row, and Beigongwang retreated seven steps in a row. Xuanfeng Taoist and Ximen Zhuo could not help worrying when they saw that Beigongwang had been forced to retreat by Meng yuanchao. The Taoist Xuanfeng was particularly worried. He thought to himself, "It turns out that Meng yuanchao fought me last night, but he didn't give full play to his sharp sword.". The commander of the North Palace is only limited to a hundred strokes. I'm afraid it's too big. What if the commander also loses to him? Little did they know that Xuanfeng Taoist was worried about Beigongwang, but on Meng yuanchao's side, Miao Changfeng and Li Guangxia were also worried about him. Li Guangxia thought to himself, "When Shifu taught me swordsmanship, he said that the best swordsmanship is heavy, clumsy and big.". Lifting weights lightly,china tile trim, winning skillfully with clumsiness, broad and tolerant! A seemingly simple sword move can contain and melt the essence of all kinds of swordsmanship. Now it seems that Beigongwang's swordsmanship is not as good as that of my master and brother in terms of "big", but the words "heavy" and "clumsy" seem to be almost comparable to that of my master. I'm afraid Master Meng is no match for him. 。 jecatrims.com

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