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When we talk to people who say, "I quit smoking! often find that they have only switched from traditional cigarettes to new types of cigarettes, but they continue their smoking habit.

There are two types of new cigarettes: heated cigarettes and disposable electronic cigarettes. What makes these products different from cigarettes?

1. What is a "heated cigarette"?

Heated cigarettes are products made by applying heat to processed tobacco leaves to generate an aerosol (mist-like particles) in which the nicotine contained is inhaled.

Since the tobacco leaf is not directly lit, no smoke is produced, and the odor does not stick to hair or clothing, many people are switching from paper cigarettes to heated cigarettes.

Although the form and function may be different, heated cigarettes contain the same tobacco leaf as cigarettes, and are therefore clearly "cigarettes. They are also defined as "tobacco products" under the Tobacco Business Act, which is the law concerning tobacco.

2. What is an "electronic cigarette"?

An electronic cigarette is a product in which a liquid called "liquid" is heated and its vapor is inhaled. The main ingredients of the liquid are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, both of which are widely used as food additives.

E-cigarettes sold in Japan are defined as "tobacco-like products" under the Tobacco Business Act and are not cigarettes under the law. Therefore, they can be sold to minors, but only to those over 20 years of age due to self-imposed restrictions by industry associations.

3. Health Effects

Health Effects of Heated Cigarettes

Heated cigarettes contain the same tobacco leaves as cigarettes, so they still contain nicotine and other harmful ingredients. Nicotine is a substance that reduces blood flow, affects brain development, and is highly addictive.

Some heated tobacco products claim to contain less harmful ingredients than cigarettes, but even if they do contain less harmful ingredients, it does not mean that they pose less risk to health.

Smoking a heated cigarette does not emit smoke, but the exhaled breath contains invisible toxic substances. Therefore, if patients with asthma or chemical sensitivity inhale the exhaled air, they may react to the toxic substances and become ill.

Health effects of e-cigarettes

Since the ingredients of e-cigarettes vape made by China vape factory are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which are also widely used as food additives, they are considered to have little adverse effect on the human body.

However, these substances are considered safe for use as food additives, but their safety when heated and inhaled deep into the lungs is not guaranteed.

In the United States, a number of lung diseases suspected to be caused by e-cigarettes have been reported. The cause is not yet known, but it is thought that a substance called vitamin E acetate, which is added to the product, may be involved.

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